a mall with a difference

airia is a cutting-edge mall located in the thriving city of Gurugram. Focusing on hospitality, Airia strives to evolve beyond the conventional view of malls as simply shopping destinations and instead create a unique and inviting atmosphere. To truly embody the spirit of Airia, a one-of-a-kind brand identity and strategic positioning were essential.

strategic intervention

dojo started by delving into the needs and desires of Airia’s target audience: young working professionals and families in Gurugram seeking a meaningful life. Our research revealed that social outings and creating memories were a key part of their lifestyle. This insight informed our brand promise – that Airia, as a service-oriented and customer-focused retail space, will provide an unforgettable experience for its visitors.

retail in pandemic - an uphill task

as COVID-19 disrupted predictions, an unpredictable environment emerged. Retail spaces like Airia were among the biggest casualties of this reality. The challenge was to create a compelling reason for people to visit Airia despite the restrictions. Our approach and ideas needed to consider safety, security, and human desires, while transcending the constraints posed by the pandemic.

a walk into happiness

the human desire for memorable experiences and moments does not disappear simply because it has been restricted. We saw an opportunity to tap into this emotional need and highlight the value of real-life experiences, such as enjoying a cup of coffee or shopping with friends. With the assurance of a safe environment, we emphasised that these moments of happiness were still attainable despite the pandemic.