MyGlamm’s latest collection, targeted at a young millennial audience, was all about bold and bright colours; think orange lipstick, neon green nail paint, electric blue eye-liner. And what’s more, the collection is totally cruelty-free, i.e not tested on animals.


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3D modeling


Red Dot Design Awards
Compasso d'Oro
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harvesting a spirit of growth

we’re delighted to produce this beautiful piece of work for the brand Biozyme by Biostadt. Biozyme has dedicated the last 35 years, not just to helping Indian farmers grow crops but also partnered with them to grow in life and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

badhna zaruri hai

dojo delved deep into the business and undertook a comprehensive rebranding effort, resulting in the new tagline ‘Badhna Zaruri Hai’. This tagline encapsulates the human desire for progress and its significance in life, especially for farmers where progress is linked to the growth of their crops.

nurturing the path to progress

through our campaign, we aimed to instill a sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency. We were thrilled to showcase Biozyme’s renewed dedication towards assisting Indian farmers in achieving progress and growth in life.