a strategic makeover

dojo played a pivotal role in elevating toothsi from a mere medical service provider to a lifestyle brand. Despite being a newcomer in the industry, toothsi, with the help of dojo, disrupted the market and established a unique and authentic brand identity in the field of dental care.

connecting smiles

to rebrand toothsi, we began by identifying the brand’s role in the lives of its target audience. By conducting research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience, we discovered that self-care, self-growth, and fashion were key areas that resonated with our audience. This led us to the strategic breakthrough of positioning toothsi as a fashion-lifestyle brand that offers ‘smile makeovers’ and empowers individuals to build new connections in their lives. 


instead of being viewed as a traditional, clinical brand, toothsi is now seen as a relatable, cool dentist who wears a cat-print t-shirt under their white coat and communicates with emojis.