a bold choice

MyGlamm released a collection that targeted young millennials with bold hues like orange lipstick, neon green nail polish, and blue eyeliner. Additionally, the collection is completely free from animal testing, ensuring that their products are not only stylish but also ethically made.

hello sid

in a pioneering move, we unveiled Sidharth Malhotra, a male icon, as the face of this campaign. By placing him at the forefront of our communication strategy, we ensured that our message is conveyed clearly and effectively.

sid (hearts) animals

we were fortunate to have Sidharth Malhotra, a true animal lover, on board as the face of our campaign. His passion for animal welfare made him the perfect fit for our cruelty-free collection. His willingness to be our “guinea pig” showcases his dedication to promoting ethical and sustainable beauty products.

it’s lit!

our goal was to create a statement, but still be light-hearted, and the ‘TESTED ON SID’ concept led to a series of images that did exactly that. The product collection was shot on beautiful, colourful backgrounds and given a sense of movement. I think we can all agree, it’s #LITAF.