deals that are worth the drama

our films created for AIRIA Mall featuring Shreyas Talpade are an interesting take on how sales and discounts offered by AIRIA Mall are so irresistible that it’s worth the drama. With our film “Dhai Kilo Ka Haath Khush Hua” we surely did justice to the same.

super sales that even super villains can’t resist

by promoting short snippets of pop cultural references, we generated affinity by linking nostalgic elements with our offerings – making it memorable and fun as well. ‘Mogambo Khush Hua – Gurgaon bhi khush’ was the next step towards elevating the drama.

our blockbuster strategy

our aim was to bind sales, discounts and brand offerings into one campaign. By placing the offerings in the forefront with a pop culture device that’s meant to trigger retention; we were able to achieve immense engagement.

we let happy stories unfold

we gave rise to three films that speak about the joys one can come across in Airia Mall. Airia is a place where happy stories unfold and we wanted to showcase these stories from the lens of different people who visit and experience the mall, in their way.