naturally impactful

during the pandemic, many people focused on boosting their internal immunity at the expense of skin care. Recognising this, dojo crafted an impactful campaign for MyGlamm’s Elevate skin care line, emphasising the power of Ayurveda and other natural ingredients like Aloe Vera.

sensationally strong

our campaign highlighted the importance of prioritising both internal and external health for overall well-being; since these ingredients not only hydrate the skin, but also enhance immunity – making it a formidable barrier against infections and viruses.

upgrading skin care

as the world continues to evolve, it’s important to prioritise boosting immunity in every aspect of our lives, including our skincare routine. We asked people to #elevateyourskincareregime & #elevateresistance, and we established that MyGlamm’’s Elevate skincare line is designed keeping this in mind